Ditec DAB205

Ditec DAB205
Ditec DAB205
Ditec DAB205
Ditec DAB205
Ditec DAB205
Ditec DAB205
Ditec DAB205
Ditec DAB205



Ditec DAB205 is the top of the range solution for swing door applications: its slim, elegant design make it perfect for any setting.

Ditec DAB205 has an extremely powerful gear reducer which performs opening and contributes to closing helped by a spring; it's the highest performer in its market segment, it can automate swing doors up to 400 kg in weight and 1.6 m wide.


  • The push-arm version can move doors up to 400 kg in weight; the servo-assisted motor with spring guarantees a reliable closing movement while the encoder offers perfect control of the kinematic movement 
  • Strong steel mechanical components and the long-lasting Dunker motor guarantee exceptional operator reliability. Ditec DAB205 has been tested up to 1 M cycles  
  • Perfect dynamic control also for bi-parting doors, it offers  many possibilities for managing movement (overlap, contact, no contact, double exit).

Easy to use  

  • Very easy to configure: a single operator suitable for all applications and 2 different arms, push and pull, also for fire-door applications 
  • Many mechanical accessories, like shaft and arm extensions, to adapt the operator perfectly to the wall and to the door position 
  • Configuration diagrams are available (safety and security) to add functions and other operating modes if necessary  
  • Large choice of operating modes, such as PUSH&GO and power assist, to meet the various different needs of the market.


  • Ditec DAB205 complies all European standards and directives, including standard EN 16005 
  • Safety can also be guaranteed by the use of monitored safety sensors  
  • In case of power failure a reliable battery kit is available which guarantees the continuous operation of the operator over time (optional)
  • It’s safe thanks to an external LED which shows the status of the door, and a specific LED for fire alarm status (both optional): a clear warning also for the end user in all cases of possible failure 
  • Ditec DAB205 has obtained SP SITAC certification for use on fire doors.
Typical installation
The automation system can be completed with Ditec command, control and safety devices

Entrematic swing door Ditec DAB205 installation

Movement arms

DAB805PSA2: arm with articulated motion, also for fire-door applications

 Movement arms

DAB805PLA2: arm with sliding motion, also for fire-door applications

Movement arms 
FBA:  stop  for  articulated  arm. See the manual  

Ditec DAB205 accessories are easy to choose:

DAB905BAT2: battery kit. See the manual


COM400MHB: mechanical switch program selector. See the manual

 Ditec DAB205 specific accessories

COM400MKB: mechanical key program selector. See the manual

 Ditec DAB205 specific accessories

DAB905ESE: extension unit for security 

DAB905ESA: extension unit for safety 
 DAB905SYN: synchronism cable 
DAB905MSW: micro-switch kit to power electro-mechanical lock in case of mains outage (recommended for fire-door applications). See the manual  
DAB905LED: LED alarm signal kit  
DAB905RSD: RESET Kit and fire-alarm indication   

DAB805SE2: shaft extension 20 mm

DAB805SE5: shaft extension 50 mm  
DAB805SE7: shaft extension 70 mm  

DAB805CMP: cover middle piece. See the manual


DAB805TFL: telescopic long for DAB805PSA2 arm

DAB805TFS: telescopic short for DAB805PSA2 arm  
DAB805TKJ: telescopic joint for DAB805PSA2 arm  


For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.



Sensors and detection devices


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