Ditec OLLY E

Ditec Olly E
Ditec Olly E
Ditec Olly E
Ditec Olly E
Ditec Olly E
Ditec Olly E
Ditec Olly E
Ditec Olly E


Automation system for sliding frames; easy to install, versatile and silent. Its main features are its small size and the possibility of installing various control systems with push-buttons, radar and other contacts.

For sliding doors weighing up to 80 kg.

Easy to use

Ditec OLLY E is a compact, reliable automation designed to quickly automate internal and external window and door frames.


Ditec OLLY E features silent operation and can move wings up to 80 kg. The automation is controlled through a pushbutton panel or a remote control. These controls allow users to open external window frames without having to open the windows and be exposed to unpleasant temperature changes.

Truly practical

Window and door frames can be centrally controlled by positioning all control switches in a single area of the house.This clever solution allows users to open and close all window and door frames from a single point, improving the quality of their daily life.

It is particularly beneficial for older or physically impaired users, who will be able to open and close door and window frames from the central control switches without having to move from room to room or to leave the house.

Typical installation
The automation system can be completed with Ditec command, control and safety devices

Ditec Olly E - Specimen installation


Ditec OLLY E accessories are easy to choose:

KXL037K: 20 m transmission belt roll


For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.



Sensors and detection devices


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