Ditec OLLY C

Ditec Olly C
Ditec Olly C
Ditec Olly C
Ditec Olly C
Ditec Olly C
Ditec Olly C


Ditec OLLY C contributes to the better planning of residential space and work environments, making them suitable for a larger number of people and allowing them to perfectly meet the requirements of greater comfort, security and accessibility.

Easy to install, it offers a wide array of possibilities for personalising the operating mode, from simple PUSH&GO, to activation using sensors or radio-controlled operation.

For doors and sliding frames weighing up to 40 kg (1 wing) or 55 kg (2 wings).

Small in size, big in performance

Designed with space-saving in mind, the automation can be installed on commercially available runners for recessed panels.

For any requirement

The automation is available in three versions: with infra-red radar for automatic operation and/or with pushbutton panel and/or remote control.

Two practical mounting sets

The automation is supplied complete with two separate sets to make up 1- or 2-wing sliding doors. The sets consist of:

  • an actuator complete with control panel 
  • transfer unit  
  • the transmission belt  
  • the belt attachments  
  • fastening brackets  
  • support profile and closing cover.

Distinctive features

  • PLUG & PLAY  
  • PULL AND GO: opens and closes by gently pulling in the sliding direction 
  • LOW ENERGY: opens and closes with reduced energy and speed
Typical installation
The automation system can be completed with Ditec command, control and safety devices

Entrematic sliding door Ditec Olly C installation


Ditec OLLY C accessories are easy to choose:

OCL: radio receiver kit complete with cabling and transmitter. See the manual

 Ditec OLLY C specific accessories

COMGC: radio controlled programmer with 6 door status selection modes and open-close control, complete with transmitter. See the manual

 Ditec OLLY C specific accessories

COMGS: optional display. See the manual

 Ditec OLLY C specific accessories


For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.


Sensors and detection devices

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