Opening + safety sensors

These incorporate detection of presence and movement of people in both directions for the monitored area, in a single product

Control sensors for automatic sliding doors that use active infra-red technology to detect presence of people and active infra-red or microwave technology to detect motion.

All these sensors comply with standard EN 16005 and guarantee the safety of people passing through or near the monitored entrances: detection is monitored in accordance with European standards.

Entrematic PASAA2 uses active infra-red technology for the open control while Entrematic PAS024AS, Entrematic PAS024ASW, Entrematic PAS024AST, Entrematic PAS024AMT use 24 Ghz microwave technology.

With the PAS024ASW sensor it possible to reduce heat loss due to undesirable opening of the entrances, thanks to the fact that it can be set with monodirectional operation (the sensor activates the opening only if it detects approaching motion).

Furthermore, Entrematic PAS024AST and Entrematic PAS024AMT have both the detection of presence function and motion detection function: for this reason that are suitable for use with redundant Valor operating devices installed along escape routes.

Thanks to the microwave technology, they are available in versions with monodirectional detection, useful for the rapid closure of the door after passage which allows reduced air and heat exchange between environments.

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