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Ditec DOD
Ditec DOD
Ditec DOD
Ditec DOD
Ditec Dod
Ditec Dod


Lateral automation system for large sectional overhead doors, complete with accessories to meet every type of installation requirement. Available with cord or chain manual release devices.

Available in the single phase version with 230 V AC motor and three-phase with 400 V AC motor.

Ease of installation

Fitted onto the drive shaft or with pinion and chain transmission, it makes other movement devices superfluous, with consequent savings in installation time and cost of materials.

Adjustable rotary limit switch group. The opening cycles managed by the gear motor help preserve the entire mechanics of the sectional overhead door over time. The small and compact dimensions of the gear motor make it suitable even for applications where space is restricted.

The Ditec DOD automation is complete with safety accessories and controls in compliance with standards in force.

Distinctive features

  • Gear motor 230 V AC 3 A for intensive use  
  • Motor protected by thermal probe and equipped with incorporated electric brake and limit switch  
  • Axial mounting
Typical installation
The automation system can be completed with Ditec command, control and safety devices


Ditec Dod - Typical installation


Ditec DOD accessories are easy to choose:

DODRIN1: chain transmission kit  
DODT: drive shaft with Z24 pinion  
CAT1: 1/2” chain - 5 m sections
CATG: coupling for 1/2” chain  
MN3: manual operation rod h = 3000 mm  

DODSBV: manual re-opening device with rod. See the manual

Ditec Dod accessories 
DODSBC: manual re-opening device featuring chain. See the manual Ditec Dod accessories


For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.

Control panels

Radio systems



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