230 V AC motors

The electronic control panels for one or two 230 V AC motors guarantee complete control over the automation system and simple configuration of all parameters. The panels are fitted with microprocessor logic and have 24 V DC internal control circuits

Complete range

The range of 230 V AC panels includes five different models, to ensure the best answer to the needs of any installation:

  • Control panels for swing gate motors (Ditec PWR 50 AC and Ditec Cubic 230 V AC), ref. LCA70 and LCA80
  • Control panels for industrial sliding gate motors (Ditec Cross series) and for actuators for industrial sectional overhead doors (Ditec Dod series), ref. E1, E1A and LOGICM


Ditec LCA is the new family of multifunction control panels for one or two 230 V AC motors for swing gates, both electromechanical or hydraulic motors.
The right control panel for upgrading and modernising any swing gate: whether with external, articulated arm or in-ground gate openers.

Two versions of the control panel are available:

  • LCA70 - a control panel complete with 433.92 MHz receiver module, suitable for the needs of the majority of installations.
  • LCA80 - a premium control panel with exclusive features and advanced configuration capability: larger number of inputs and outputs to caters comprehensively for any possible application. The receiver module is optional, to let the customer choose between two different operating frequencies (433.92 MHz or 868.35 MHz).

The integrated display and menu with configuration wizard, standard on both panels, let the user configure the installation simply in just a few steps.

Available also in kit!


Thanks to its outstanding functions and features, LCA control panels is adapted for retrofit and new installations, compatible also with competitors motors:

  • The innovative proprietary continuous position monitoring and control system (Ditec Virtual Encoder) even lets you control motors without encoders with the utmost precision and safety
  • Time management functions: individual motor operating times, motor delay times, deceleration at end of opening and closing travel, obstacle detection, increased starting torque, acceleration at start of opening and closing movements, electric lock activation, movement reversal and closing force against mechanical stops
  • Management functions for approach speed during opening and closing movements, thrust force against obstacles during normal operation and final approach, and force settings
  • Settable obstacle thrust force sensitivity for both normal operation and for final approach during opening and closing movements
  • Automatic ramp adjustment: in low temperature conditions, the increased initial torque duration is set at the highest value possible and acceleration time is reduced to the lowest value possible
  • Settings for pressure hold function for hydraulic actuators
  • Safety device test
  • Compatible with Ditec ZEN series and its encrypted AES-128 bit protocol and protected Mode
  • Separate power outputs for 24 V AC and 24 V DC accessories
  • Slot for plug-in Ditec accessories
  • 2 dedicated inputs (for open and closed positions) for self-testing resistive active safety edges (8.2kΩ) (on LCA80 only)
  • 2 inputs for very low voltage logical limit switches for open and closed positions for each motor (on LCA80 only). Stop limit switches may also be managed, if connected in series with motor phase
  • 1 configurable 24 V DC output on LCA70 (2 outputs on LCA80) for accessories such as a courtesy light, flashing light and gate open indicator lamp, and active output with state dependent on state of gate
  • Configurable 12 V AC output for electric lock, and dedicated output for 230 V AC flashing light


  • the menu with configuration wizard (Wizard WZ) lets you configure the control panel quickly and simply during initial setup: just choose the operating logic, the number of gate wings and whether or not to enable automatic closing and then save the remote controls, and you're ready to go!
  • pre-configured operating logics: automatic operation with or without deceleration at end of travel, timer-controlled operation with or without deceleration at end of travel, and timer-controlled operation with force limiting
  • more expert users can customised over 100 parameters, using the easy-to-use menu, the display and the navigation buttons- p assword-protected access to configurations prevents modification by unauthorised persons
  • unused inputs may be disabled to prevent subsequent installation of unauthorised accessories
  • a choice of two operating frequencies (433.92 MHz and 868.35 MHz), for avoiding disturbance or interference
  • temperature sensor, which prevents the motors from icing in case of very cold weather, ice or snow (NIO - No Ice Option - function)
Innovative Function
  • GREEN mode function to reduce power consumption during standby
  • high traffic function: this function offers benefits during peak traffic times in condominium applications by reducing wait times for users while limiting the possibility of motor overheating. When enabled, the function monitors the intervals between consecutive open requests and temporarily extends the automatic close delay time in case of consecutive requests within short intervals
  • compatible with Entrematic Smart Connect, the new system for managing gates locally or remotely from a mobile app or PC


Various versions are available with integrated radio decoders and receivers controlled separately (open, close, part-open and stop), with electronic adjustment or by varying the transformer voltage.

The panels allow time setting, timer-controlled automatic closing, inching control, hold-to-run control and emergency stop and reverse.

Safety first!

All 230 V AC panels are fitted with ODS systems, making it possible to configure stoppage of the operating device or reversal of movement, if an obstacle is detected during movement.

Accessories are fed by 24 V DC, ensuring safety during wiring operations.

The more sophisticated panels also feature a safety test, in other words continuous monitoring of safety devices to ensure constant checking of the system.

Reliable and long lasting

All panels feature an IP55 protection rating: the electronic boards and transformers are protected inside a plastic box, which can be opened simply by removing four closing screws.

The more sophisticated versions are fitted with a No Ice Option (NIO) feature: an integrated temperature sensor enables the panel to adjust the performance of the motor in freezing, icy or snowy conditions.

ZENRS: 433 MHz plug-in receiver card for electronic panels with built-in radio decoder. Male connector
ZENPRS: 868 MHz plug-in receiver card for electronic panels with built-in radio decoder. Male connector
PT3: optional pushbutton panel for E1A and E1T with 3 keys (open-close-stop)
SES: signal processing PCB
(to expand control panel functions)
SES - control panel accessories

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