Ditec QIK barriers in a Toyota factory

Ditec, a world leader in automation systems for entrances, has signed a contract for the supply of 67 Ditec QIK7 barriers for New Zealand's largest Toyota factory.

Safe and reliable with an elegant yet functional, secure design, Ditec QIK has been devised to last.

The painted pickled sheet metal in metallic colour remains unchanged over time, and lends a clean, pristine look to QIK.

The key-operated lever release, which can be immediately accessed from the inspection side of the system and is fitted with a cover, makes it possible to resolve emergencies with ease in the event of a power failure.

The aluminium bar has been designed to avoid any issues with shearing, thanks to the use of a rubber protection device at the top and bottom of the bar, along with the rounded design of the rotation pin.

In the DC version, a bar lighting kit is also available for greater visibility.

The balancing system uses a single spring, which functions via compression.

Customers can choose between four different springs (of different colours) which, when correctly positioned and adjusted, enable the correct balance to be maintained with respect to the size of the bar.

The system can be installed either on the right or on the left, simply by changing its position.

Two limit switches in the AC version and an encoder in the DC version enable further adjustment of the system, to manage all possible situations.

In conclusion... Ditec QIK is the Ditec solution to access control problems.

Thanks to its new partnership with local dealer Doormatics NZ, Ditec confirms its role as the ideal partner, both in terms of the comprehensive nature of its solutions and the reliability of the products and services it offers.