Roche Pharma AG Basel

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The headquarters and main production facility at Roche Pharma AG in Basel, Switzerland recently had 14 EMSL sliding door operators installed. The installation was conducted by EM´s Swiss partner Meier Systems AG. 

The operators are installed in a highly contamination secure area in one of Roches latest production plants where research and production of new pharmaceuticals is taken place. The operators are used in an air lock situation in front of the buildings elevators to ensure a maxiumum possible purity of the environment in the building.

Option to Interlock

One interesting feature of the installation is the interaction of the sliding doors with the elevators. The opening signal to the EMSL operator is connected to the elevator system so that the door only opens if the elevator arrives at the respective floor.

Easy Set-up

The EMSL operators can be programmed entirely using the EM CT Tool software which gives a also the option to mirror specific settings to any number of doors. This option sufficiently eases the installation and programming of the operators and makes sure all doors act in the same way.