Ditec Rex

The ease of assembly and versatility of application make Ditec Rex the right automation system for a wide range of contexts. The single-block gear reducer and control unit make installation faster.

The maximum operating speed is 1.2 m/s (2 wings) and the maximum load is 140 kg (2 wings).

Guaranteed functioning even without electricity

A device with built-in batteries which ensures operation even in the event of a power failure.

Safe and noiseless

Ditec Rex is provided with a 24 V DC motor, a microprocessor logic electronic control panel, an electronic impact-free device with encoder.The casing is made of aluminium extrusion and traction is performed by means of a synthetic toothed belt.

Ditec Rex, like all the other Ditec automation solutions can come with a complete range of original Ditec accessories for control and safety, in addition to the specific accessories included in the line.


Ditec Rex accessories are easy to choose:

REXLOK: wing stop device complete with brackets, without LOKSBM. See the manual
REXLOKA: antipanic system complete with brackets, without LOKSBM. See the manual  
REXLOKB: two position block system complete with brackets, without LOKSBM. See the manual  
LOKSBM: manual release handle. See the manual
REXAB: battery operated anti-panic device  
REXFC: mechanical indicator micro kit. See the manual  
KEMC2: ferrite pair kit. See the manual  
MP1: plus Module PCB. See the manual  
MD1: display module. See the manual  
MDA: display module wall mounting  


For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.



Sensors and detection devices


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