Ditec NEOS and NEOS+

Ditec NEOS
Ditec NEOS
Ditec NEOS
Ditec NEOS
Ditec NeoS
Ditec NeoS
Ditec NEOS
Ditec NEOS
Ditec NeoS
Ditec NeoS
Ditec  NeoS
Ditec NeoS


Ditec NEOS is the operating device for residential, commercial and industrial applications, designed to work even under intense use and in demanding environmental conditions.

Fast to install and easy to maintain, it's available in 4 versions for gates of 300 kg, 400 kg, 600 kg and 1000 kg and comes with a control panel with display built in to the operating device. Two different performance levels are available: Ditec NEOS and Ditec NEOS+.

A complete product

COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND: sturdy, durable and reliable over time

  • single-block, die-cast aluminium base provides unmatched stability
  • special high-quality, self-levelling grease keeps screws and crowns constantly lubricated
  • the temperature sensor fine-tunes the gear motor’s performance in the event of cold, ice and snow (NIO - No Ice Option - function).

INSTALL AND CONFIGURE the operating device more quickly

  • steel plates of different thickness and design allow for correct installation in all circumstances and levelling screws can be used to adjust the operating device to the millimetre 
  • IP24D protection rating prevents all contact with live parts 
  • the self-learning procedure is made easy by the display, navigation pushbuttons and a specific remote control, for installation of the motor in just two steps
  • here are three predefined configurations for residential and condominium use. But that’s not all: removable storage allows operating settings to be saved and copied to another operating device
  • 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequencies are available


  • Ditec NEOS+ offers you an advanced control panel for  more precise adjustment of all settings and additional terminals for more convenient wiring operation
  • Check the status of your operating device! LEDs allow you to easily monitor the status of the operating device without opening the ASA cover.


Typical installation
The automation system can be completed with Ditec command, control and safety devices

Ditec NeoS - Typical installation


Ditec NEOS accessories are easy to choose

CATG: 1/2” chain coupling


CAT1: - 1/2” chain - 5 m sections CAT1 - Ditec NeoS accessories

NES100CKT: traction kitw with chain 

NES100CKT - Ditec NeoS accessories 

NES100FCM: magnetic limit switches. See the manual

 NES100FCM - Ditec NeoS accessories

CR4N4: black rack 1000 mm, Module 4, in PA6 nylon and fiberglass with steel core, 4 fixing points with buttonhole, for sliding gates up to 500 Kg

Ditec NeoS accessories

CR4N6: grey rack 1000 mm, Module 4, in PA6 nylon and fiberglass with steel core, 6 fixing points with buttonhole, for sliding gates up to 800 Kg

 Ditec NeoS accessories
CROSSCRI: galvanised steel rack, module 4, complete with mountings and screws CROSSCRI - Ditec NeoS accessories
NES100PSU: steel plate for heavy applications. See the manual

NES100PSU - Ditec NeoS accessories

NES100WSP: adjustable support for lifting off the ground. See the manual

NES100WSP - Ditec NeoS accessories

NES100RFK: steel plate for retrofit installations. See the manual

NES100RFK - Ditec NeoS accessories

SBU: card for recharging batteries from the mains or  from  photovoltaic panels  (not included). Complete with cables and mountings. See the manual SBU - Ditec NeoS accessories
NES100USB: USB connection kit for detailed recording of each event and for carrying out diagnostics on a PC using Amigo software. See the manual  

For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.

Control panels

Radio systems



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