Reliability and quality with no compromises: Ditec DAS200, the new sliding door operator

The new Ditec DAS200 operator responds to the requirements of industry professionals in search of a robust, high-performance product that is suited to a range of installation requirements.

With a focus on the distributor and installer, Ditec recently unveiled the new Ditec DAS200 sliding door automation system.

Ditec DAS200 is designed to be extremely easy to install, with modular components, and is equipped with an extremely advanced electronics system that enables users to take advantage of the enormous potential of Bluetooth connectivity and app-based door control (both for end users and for installers and maintainers).

In essence, it's THE product for professionals!

Ditec DAS200 reduces installation times because it is easy to install: just a few components to assemble, and a few steps to configure the system.

Ditec DAS200 is a high-quality, reliable solution because it is made using quality components that respond to the most exacting customer requirements.

Ditec DAS200 is simple to manage and features an innovative design that is easily recognisable, giving the operator a modern, elegant aesthetic.

Thanks to this series of innovations and unique solutions, the new automation system is enjoying great success among our distributors and installers – even the most exacting among them.

Here are four Ditec DAS200 solutions complete with Ditec ALU48 frames with RBO break-out system, fitted by our partner SR INGRESSI AUTOMATICI S.R.L.

The first in a long series of installations!